Greenland Acres FARMING Services

We provide farming services to medium and smallholder farmers. These which include land preparation, planting, and herbicides application-spraying at competitive prices. We also provide animal husbandry management services that including Artificial Insemination. Contact us for quote.

We specialize in helping small to medium scale farmers and producers overcome the industry’s hurdles by providing farming solution. Every member of the team has a background in agriculture

Animal Husbandry Services

GA with its highly trained and specialized associates provides animal husbandry services including Artificial Insemination (AI) at competitive value for money offers.

It also plans to engage in a social enterprise to help small scale farmers improve their milk and beef breed.

About Greenland Acres

Beyond Agribusiness
Linking Farmers to Extension Services

Through Anchor Farm concept GA provides agriculture extension services to small holder farmers within the catchment area.


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